February 2015
Arrow 11/02/2015 February Distinguished Lecturer - Geologic Factors Associated With Successful Shale Gas Plays

Geologic Factors Associated With Successful Shale Gas Plays

Shale is the most common sedimentary rock-type in the world, and massive shale deposits can be found on every continent. A lithologic unit is classified as shale if it is composed of finegrained sediments. To determine if a particular shale is viable as an unconventional hydrocarbon play, various geologic factors must be understood about those sediments. As an example, the shale’s mineralogy must have certain characteristics that will allow it to be fractured. The recent shale revolution also required the development of innovative drilling and completion technologies to transform a shale that previously acted as an impermeable seal or barrier for conventional hydrocarbon traps into a producible reservoir. This presentation outlines the key geologic factors required to have a successful shale gas play. It also highlights the fact that all shales are different, and understanding those differences is key to successful shale exploration.


March 2015
Arrow 03/03/2015 PESA/SPE WA Branch: Horizontal Drilling Workshop
Towards the Perfect Horizontal Well: Navigating bumps along the way
Please do not register for this workshop on the SPE WA website. Please register  online at the PESA website here: https://www.pesa.com.au/events/pesaspe-wa-branch-horizontal-drilling-workshop/
KC Oren (HSI – Horizontal Solutions International)
Workshop Overview

The personalities of Engineers and Geoscientists are often very different. When it comes to Corporate Risk Assessments and company incentives, the rewards for these individuals are often counter to the overall goals of superior Intellectual Property and stand-out well performance amongst peers. For example, drilling team metrics and operating personnel objectives are often counter to the geological target objectives of ‘staying in the zone’ to realize maximum possible production. Such divergent drivers can cause conflicts between individuals; the overarching goal should be professional teamwork driving towards Company Success.

Technological advances in recent years (i.e. drilling further and faster than ever before) now have many Operating Companies questioning whether their horizontal wells are being drilled too fast for their own good. An understanding of Cost vs Accuracy trade-offs is critical for the best drilling decisions to be made, and for the maximum benefits to be drawn from unconventional resources.

This Introductory Level course will compare and contrast ‘staying in the target zone’ via geo-steering and monitoring along the way with ‘drilling ahead for maximum rate-of-penetration’ (which equates to less ‘non-productive’ time). This course will lay the foundation for a greater understanding between the disciplines and in particular address the Operational issues that make the Drilling Team ‘uncomfortable’.

Proudly presented by both PESA and SPE in Western Australia, this course is suitable and highly recommended for both Geologists and Engineers.

Presenter: KC Oren

KC Oren has been in the drilling and geoscience sectors of the Oil and Gas E&P Industry for over 30 years. Early in his career Oren was a technical trainer for directional drilling and sub-surface surveying at Eastman-Whipstock. He then held various technical and management positions with Smith International, Teleco and Halliburton before turning his hand at technical sales for both drilling tools and steerable systems, and later marketing E&P software solutions at Munro-Garrett International, GeoGraphix, Landmark and Halliburton.

He now resides in Frisco, Colorado and is employed by Horizontal Solutions Int’l (HSI) as Vice President for Sales and Marketing of HSI’s TrueTime™ Solutions in the Northern North America and Internationally.

Catering: Morning/Afternoon Tea & Lunch provided

Please do not register on the SPE WA website. Please register  online at the PESA website here: https://www.pesa.com.au/events/pesaspe-wa-branch-horizontal-drilling-workshop/