April 2015
Arrow 22/04/2015 April Distinguished Lecturer - Unconventional Reservoirs Require Unconventional Analysis Techniques

Unconventional Reservoirs Require Unconventional Analysis Techniques

Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) has become very popular over the past decade as a theoretically robust, yet very practical tool for well performance evaluation, making use of continuously measured production rates and flowing pressures which are collected as part of good production practices.  With the advent of unconventional resource plays (particularly shale gas and liquids-rich shale plays), these "RTA" techniques have evolved significantly, adapting to much greater reservoir and completion complexity; and accommodating the availability of much richer and varied data sets.


In light of these recent developments, it is easy to become lost in the details when trying to analyze unconventional reservoirs, particularly when one considers the complexities of flow behavior, pressure-dependent reservoir properties, HP/HT phase behavior, and the challenges of the well completion geometry.  This presentation describes how and why RTA techniques evolved as they have over the years, starting with relatively simple conventional (high permeability) reservoir systems and progressing to the complexity of fractured, ultra-low permeability systems.  Techniques specific to unconventional reservoirs are presented — and the strengths, limitations, and applications are discussed.  These techniques are demonstrated using real field production data.

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May 2015
Arrow 01/05/2015 SPE Annual Scholarship Fundraising Golf Day

On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers WA Division, we would like to warmly invite you to participate in the Annual SPE Scholarship Fundraising Golf Day.

Joondalup Resort, Friday 1st May

Play will be in the afternoon, with access to the driving range and practice greens prior to commencement. Food and beverages will be available to players throughout the day

Following the golf is a sit down buffet dinner with drinks and presentation of prizes.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Skill Prizes

In past years industry associated companies have generously sponsored SPE golf days ensuring a successful event and the continuation of SPE student scholarships to local petroleum engineering students. All monies raised goes towards student scholarships.

Book your Flight of 4 today! Please indicate TBC if any names/handicaps are unknown and confirm at registration on the day.

Arrow 20/05/2015 May Luncheon - Ceramic sand screens: Advanced sand control technology

Ceramic sand screens: Advanced sand control technology

Experience highlights that erosion is a severe operational issue in oil and gas production within many geographical areas, resulting in sand production and restrictive hydrocarbon recovery. Ceramic sand screens have been developed to address this operational issue of sand production, resulting primarily from erosion.

Ceramic technology, utilized within other industry segments has been adapted to help mitigate erosion
and corrosion.

The presentation will introduce the system technology and summarize the development of design followed by an Introduction to case studies proving the ceramic sand screen system. These case studies highlight successful sand control as an economic solution within stand-alone screen completions for oil and gas production, and as a through-tubing ceramic sand screen solution for post well intervention.


June 2015
Arrow 08/06/2015 Seminar: Water Management for Shale and Tight Gas Resources

On June 8th and 9th, 2015 a two-day educational Seminar on “Water Management for Shale and Tight Gas Resources”, is to be held in the Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth. The Seminar focuses on Western Australia but draws on the world-wide industry experience.

The Seminar is being organised jointly by:
• International Association of Hydrogeologists WA Branch (IAH-WA).
• Society of Petroleum Engineers WA Section (SPE-WA)
• Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists WA Branch (ASEG-WA)

The “Water Management for Shale and Tight Gas Resources” Seminar has been designed to bring together water and petroleum industry professionals, educate them in tight and shale gas exploration and development and water and environmental management, through a structured educational Seminar, including case histories from Australia and overseas. The Seminar will provide a mutual learning and understanding about useful scientific and engineering knowledge of each other’s disciplines, risk management procedures and workflows, as well as the new WA Government Legislation and Regulations (Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources (Environment) Regulations 2012) and policies and intent behind the Regulations. The program and key speakers for the seminar are attached to this email.

Among other purposes, the Seminar is being designed in consultation with key industry practitioners and officers of the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) and the Department of Water (DoW) to provide a comprehensive, balanced, focussed and guided educational program for water and petroleum industry professionals including ASEG members.
The Seminar website is open for registration for the Seminar.

To register, visit  https://www.iah.org.au/events/watershale2015

Please do not use the SPE WA website to register.


Registration for the full two-day event is $550, with early bird discount to $480 available until 8 May 2015.

Single day registration is $415, with early bird discount to $370 available until 8 May 2015 (new date)

Members of IAH, SPE, or ASEG receive 10% off the registration prices.

Contact: Geoff Pettifer, Organising Committee Chair, IAH-WA / SPE-WA / ASEG Joint Seminar “Water Management for Shale and Tight Gas Resources”
Email: geoff.pettifer@ghd.com