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September 2014
Arrow 30/09/2014 SPE Lecture Series, 30 September 2014

Cuttings Transport Efficiency – the key parameter for a successful Coiled Tubing Drilling operation

A small size annulus space, common in coiled tubing drilling operations, is subject to high fluid velocities and turbulent regimes that substantially impact the cuttings transport to surface.

The speaker has investigated the cuttings transport physics in small annulus space as part of his PhD research. He will present and support his findings not only with numerical modelling, but also with laboratory experiments using a flow loop.

The flow loop allows: the testing of different cuttings transport parameters, determination of the the minimum transport velocity, the study of the flow pattern behaviour, and the observation of the Boycott phenomena common in deviated wells. This presentation will provide results and videos of the rarely-observed Boycott phenomena.


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