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March 2015
Arrow 12/03/2015 SPE YP Trivia Night!

Dear YPs of the petroleum industry,

SPEWA YP are hosting a trivia night!! Come on down to the Universal Bar on Thursday, 12th March after work (5.30 - 7.30) and join in on the quest for the knowledge king/queen of Perth's petroleum industry! Questions will be range from technical questions to social questions and on a whole range of interesting topics.

Drinks will be available at the bar and finger-food provided (both inclusive of the ticket price).

If you would like to sit with your mates, shoot an email to with your preferences. Each team has six people. If you don't have a preference then you will have the opportunity to mingle with other industry professionals.

So get in quick, grab some friends and buy some tickets! It's sure to be a fun night for all.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Woodside, Shell, Schlumberger, Black Gold Solutions, Apache, and Add Energy.

From the SPEWA YP team!


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