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Call for Abstracts

SPE WA Young Professionals are pleased to announce our inaugural Presentation Contest in 2022.


Please share your knowledge, ideas, expertise, innovations, practices, case studies and visions by answering this Call for Abstracts by the SPE Young Professionals. If you are a young energy industry professional with less than 10 years experience and you have made significant contributions on a project, then we invite you to submit an abstract (400 words max) to present.

Please include your company, years in industry, and contact information with your abstract. This paper contest will provide networking opportunities, as well as promote project exposure, and build presentation confidence among SPE YP members.

Technical presentations for the SPE WA Young Professionals Presentation Contest (YPCC) will be selected from the abstracts submitted to the YPPC organising committee. Late abstract proposals will not be accepted. Authors must submit their abstract proposals electronically through by the 31st of May 2022.

The writers of the abstracts will be expected to write a full paper and give a presentation, where finalists will present to a judging committee. The winner of the WA Young Professionals Presentation Contest will be selected based on both the final paper and their presentation. The winner of this, the 1st Annual YP Presentation contest, will win $2000 in prize money and have the opportunity to get assistance from the judges on reviewing their paper and helping for its submission to the SPE Library. They will also have the opportunity to present at one of the monthly SPE WA Technical Meetings.

First runner up will win $1250 in prize money.

Second runner up will win $750 in prize money.

Abstracts submitted should relate to SPE technical disciplines.


A proper review of your abstract requires that it contain adequate information on which to make a judgement. Containing 250-400 (maximum) words, abstract proposals should include the following:

Description: Summarizes the scope and nature of the work upon which an accepted paper will be based upon (e.g. field data, lab data, original analysis, or computer work). If the paper is a review paper, carefully state the extent of the coverage.

Applications: Describe the possible applications of the information provided in the paper or poster.

Results and Conclusions: Summarize the results and major conclusions to be presented in the paper/poster and state specific conclusions of the work and how these differ from previous work on the same subject. State whether new information will be revealed and whether data from field, lab, or computer work will be included.

Technical Contributions: Describe the significance of the subject matter in the abstract by listing up to three technical contributions or additions to the technical knowledge base of the petroleum industry.

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