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Selected abstracts for the 2018 SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

The 2018 SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition will be held in Brisbane 23rd to 25th October. Registration for this conference is through the SPE website here:

Selected abstracts from papers to be presented at the conference have been released by the authors and technical programme for the conference below. Consider registering for the conference to attend these selected papers:

Geomechanics: A Key to Understanding the Underperformance of Fracture Treatments. Khalil Rahman, Baker Hughes, A GE company

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-191929-MS

Discrete Net-to-Gross Truncated Gaussian Simulation: An Alternative Modelling Approach for CSG Unconventional Reservoirs, Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia. Simone Rattazzi and Alan Hansen, Santos Ltd.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-191904-MS

Planning and Drilling Execution of Early Permian wells in two string design by implementing new drilling and cementing technologies. Alex Shaban, Mohammad Zaman and Thivanka Dedigama, Santos Ltd.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192032-MS

Advantages, Challenges and Selection Criteria (Queensland Case Study). A. Mortezapour, A. Bassatt and E. Lean, Weatherford Australia

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192044-MS

Use of Probabilistic Methods to Assess a Portfolio of Conventional and Unconventional Resources. Alistair Jones, Chris Mijnssen, Andrew Burton and Mark Ewin, Origin Energy.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192088-MS

Risk Factors Affecting Delays in Upstream Natural Gas Mega-Projects: An Australian Perspective. Munmun Basak, Vaughan Coffey and Robert K. Perrons. Queensland University of Technology.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192095-MS

Application of Ensemble Variance Analysis in the Development of the Wheatstone Field Startup Strategy. Matthew Flett and Paul Connell, Chevron Australia.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192119-MS

Improving Outcomes for Oil and Gas Projects through Better Use of Front End Loading and Decision Analysis. David Newman, Steve Begg and Matthew Welsh, University of Adelaide.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-192129-MS

Impact of Laboratory Testing Variability in Fracture Conductivity for Stimulation Effectiveness in Permian Deep Coal Source Rocks, Cooper Basin, South Australia. Samuel A. Fraser, Santos Ltd. Raymond L. Johnson Jr, University of Queensland.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-191883-MS

Calibration of Sand Production Prediction Models at Early Field Life in the Absence of Sanding Data. Ahmadreza Younessi, Abbas Khaksar, Feng Gui and Sadegh Asadi. Baker Hughes, a GE company.

Abstract 2018 APOGCE_SPE-191978-MS


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